The 10 Best Jay Z Features Of All Time

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an encyclopedic knowledge of the musical catalogue of Sean ‘Jay-Z’ Carter. I’m ashamed to admit it – but I probably quote Jay-Z lyrics more than I quote the bible. I’m the type of Jay-Z fan who’s never read the second half of Decoded because after reading the first half I realized I wasn’t learning anything new and could probably write the rest myself. There was a time when being this kind of Jay-Z fan put you in rare company, but over the last half decade, it seems being a Hov scholar has gone from niche to not-so-rare. And with the knowledge of Jay’s greatness becoming more and more an accepted fact of life, the typical sort of debates keep popping up. We always see lists like “50 Best Jay-Z songs of all time,” “10 Best Jay-Z verses of All-Time,” “Ranking Jay-Z’s from Best to Worst.” Those are all cool… but anybody can create those. Today I want to start a discussion around the 10 Best Jay-Z features of all-time.

The parameters of this list are pretty simple:

1) Jay-Z cannot be the primary artist on the song.
2) The song cannot have appeared on a Jay-Z album.

Ok … Let’s get started:

10. Young G’s — Puff Daddy – No Way Out

This is probably the most #FakeGreat Jay-Z verse of all time… but, as a feature, it still knocks. The level of expectation around this song was tremendous. It was Badboy’s first major release since BIG’s death and Diddy’s first semi-solo project. When you picked up  the No Way Out CD from your local record store, flipped it over to the back with the track listing and saw a song called Young G’s that featured BIG and Jay… you were hyped. And while Jay sorta delivered with his typically impeccable flow and not so typical serious tone, I’d be lying if I said I was at least a little disappointed by this joint. Still.. it goes hard so it makes the list.

Key Quotable:

“And I told my n*gga BIG I’d be multi before I die. It’s gon happen whether rappin or clappin have it your way cuz if that’s my dough you’re trappin, I’m clappin your way.”

9. 4 Da Fam — Amil — All Money Is Legal

Can’t tell y’all how much time I spent trying to explain to my (at the time) non-believer friends what Jay meant when he parralled the classic 80′s television show Dynasty against one of history’s greatest real-world dynasties The Ming, as a means of showing us all the difference between how he thinks, and how we think. This song was one of those moments where Jay really anchors a song and takes something that would have otherwise been a throwaway and turns it into something that can stay on your all-time playlist.

Key Quotable:

“Y’all n*ggas truly ain’t ready for this dynasty thing, y’all thinking Black Carrington, I’m thinking more like Ming.”

8. Frontin — Pharrell – Neptunes Presents: The Clones 

Frontin came out at a time when the burgeoning relationship between Jay-Z and Beyonce was still something the two wouldn’t admit too. When this dropped – it killed a lot of the speculation as Jay essentially outlined their relationship in one of his quickest but most potent verses. It was at this point that we all knew what it really was.

“Every time your name was brought up I would act all nonchalant in front of the audience like you were just another shorty I put the naughty on but uh… truth be told, you threw me for a loop…”

7. Upgrade You — Beyonce – B’Day

Speaking of Beyonce and Jay-Z, of all of their many collaborations, Upgrade You is the best. What separates Upgrade you from some of the other Jay-Z/Beyonce collaborations is that it’s a dope song even without Jay. Crazy in Love was dope, but would you really listen to it if not for Jay. Same thing with That’s How You Like It and Deja Vu. Besides that – Jay’s verse kills. Jay’s flow is almost always dope but his ability to ride such a complex beat so effortlessly – while actually saying something – is what separates him from most other rappers. Also love the video for this joint. You may remember that around the time this song was out the rumor was that Jay and Bey were on their way toward a break up. They clearly played on those rumors by having Bey mime the first half of Jay’s verse. Well done.

Key Quotable:

“I’m talking Spy bags and fly pads and rooms at the Bloomberg and rumors you’re on the verge of a new merge, cuz that rock on your fingers like a tumor, you can’t fit your hand in your new purse…”

6. Pressure — Lupe Fiasco — Food and Liquor

This is one of those verses that you have to listen to a few times to catch all the nuances.

Key Quotable”

“If the war calls for Warhols, hope you have enough space on your halls walls.”

5.  Black Republican — Nas — Hip-Hop Is Dead

Jay-Z and Nas on their first real collaboration since they officially deaded their “beef.” Add to that a really dope sampling of Nino Rota’s Marcia Religiosa from DeNiro’s classic scene in The Godfatherand what more do we need for a classic joint.

Key Quotable:

“Now the team got beef between the post and the point, this puts the ring in jeopardy, indefinitely.”

4. Once Again It’s On — Beanie Sigel – The B. Coming

Whenever Beanie Sigel and Hov get together on a song – and it’s just the two of them … classic material always results. This song makes the list because it represents the apex of the relationship between the two. They collaborated after this (on Sigel’s Gutted and Hov’s Ignorant Shit), and while both were dope – they never really got back to the heights this song reached.

Key Quotable:

“The reason why lead the pack, this is a marathon, start off fast then you’re weezing in the back…”

3. Shiny Suit Theory — Jay Electronica

Every once in a while Jay gets it in his mind that folks have forgotten how nice he is. When this happens he usually torches something as a reminder. That’s what it seems like happened on Jay Elects Shiny Suit Theory. From the flow, to the world play to the double and triple entendres, this verse is in Hov’s cannon of all-time best.

Key Quotable

“Can it be the same one on covers with Warren Buffet, was ducking the undercovers, was warring with motherfuckers. Went from warring to Warren, undercovers to covers if you believe in that sorta luck your screws need adjusting.”

2. Diamonds Remix — Kanye West — Late Registration

In the late spring and early summer of 2004, Roc-A-Fella Records as it had always been known was officially broken up. No one really knew what was next. Beans was going with Dame, would Kanye go with Dame, would he stay with Jay. Dame was all over the magazine circuit telling everyone his point of view, how Jay essentially stole the name and brand from him and Bigs. And as we all might expect, Jay was silent through it all. Then Diamonds dropped… Jay came out swinging… the rest is history.

Key Quotable:

“How could you falter, when you’re the rock of Gibraltar, I had to get off the boat so I could walk on water.”

1. Best of Me Pt. 2 — Mya — Backstage – A Hard Knock Life

This song came out 12 years ago and still, if you go to a party and they don’t play this… party was wack. The definition of a summer anthem, this is one of the few songs that DJ’s play in parties and never cut short – the whole song must always be played. What also makes this song special is that it was the start of Hov’s trend of destroying remixes to the point that it makes you forget about the original version of the song.

Key Quotable

“Talkin you got a man. Ok ma, and? That’s high school making me chase you ’round for months, have an affair act like an adult for once…”

So there you have it. My list of the greatest Hov features of all time. Time for you guys to chime in … what did I miss? What did I rate too high or too low? Do share.


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